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Multifunction clip (dominator)

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Available in the next colors: Coyote Brown, Dark Olive, Olive Gray, Black


Clip is intended for the improvement of functionality and comfort of individual equipment, namely:


  • for the comfortable fixing of backpacks straps, unloading systems, tubes of hydraulic system, headset wires of the radio stations that hang loosely;

  • for the reliable fixing of tactical plaits and tourniquets, pocket lanterns, signal light rockets, chemical sources of light, sunglasses on the equipment

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Clip is noiseless when using. Length of elastic cord is regulated by a knot (under the volume of fixing element). Clip is suitable for both military and sport-tourist equipment.

Retention (suspension) system DISK


The four-point suspension system DISK provideS reliable fixing of the helmet on the head.

The DISK system has a removable pad in the nape part.

An additional comfort is acheaved when using the helmet thanks to its shape and special thin foam layer inside.

Available in colors: Coyote Brown, Black

IMG_3555 - копия.JPG
IMG_7695 (1) - копия.jpg

The width of the straps of the system is 15 mm.
Chin podium is equiped with hypoallergenic material on the inner side.

In order to fit the helmet around the circumference of the head, the retention system has a disc controller  in the nape part.

The helmet is fastened with a compact buckle, which is located on the left side of the chin.

Helmet liner system (amortization damper pads set) KRONA


The system of damper pads consists of the liner kit (3 main shockproof damper pads) and set of comfort pads (7 pcs).

KRONA_new - копия (2).jpg
KRONA_new - копия - копия.jpg
KRONA_new - копия.jpg

The liner kit provides protection of the frontal, parietal and occipital parts of the head.

Comfort pads provide individual adjustment of the helmet to the size of the head of the user and comfort when using the helmet.

Additional pads are fastened on the inner surface of the liner kit elements.

NVG mounts and side railings



Can be installed on any helmets for mounting tactical equipment: night vision devices, eye protection devices, special flashlights, GoPro cameras (with the appropriate adapter).

It can be used extreme sports fans and genuine men's entertainments.


  • Standard: made of impact-resistant glass-filled plastic;

  • Combined: glass-filled plastic frame + aluminium insert with rubber pads for eliminating vibration and sounds. 

Available in colours: Coyote Tan, Coyote Brown, OD Green, Foliage Green, Black


Type 1: Standard

Type 2: Advanced (combined)


Side railings made from high quality polyamide.
Designed for attachment of communication devices, tactical lights, additional protective equipment such as BSP BLOK, etc.

Made for helmets of two types: TOR and TOR-D

Available in the next colours: Coyote Tan, Coyote Brown, OD Green, Foliage Green, Black


Made in Ukraine

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