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UARMS participated for the first time in IDEX 2021, one of the largest international profile exhibitions

Despite all the obstacles and challenges of recent times, one of the world's most powerful specialized show IDEX 2021 has just ended in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Of course, we took the opportunity to remind the world about the powerful Ukrainian player in the market of personal protective equipment and, as expected, attracted potential customers from around the world.


Since 2020, the special unit of the SSU "Alpha" is serving in our helmets TOR-D

ЗSince 2020, the Center for Special Counter-Terrorism Operations, or simply "Alpha" - an anti-terrorist special unit of the SSU - has been serving in Ukrainian-made helmets, namely in our TOR-D.


We are proud of our cooperation and wish success to our partner!

СБУ1 - копия.jpg


Unprecedented Rapid Trident 2020 exercises with the participation of NATO troops took place in Ukraine.

In addition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, servicemen from 10 NATO member states were involved in the exercise. The number of participants reached a record of 4,000 people. The highest level of training is evidenced by the fact that for the first time they were attended by unique American "Ospreys" - helical hybrids of aircraft and helicopters.

We are proud that our TOR-D helmets helped the Ukrainian guys to perfectly perform the set difficult tasks.

NATO 2.jpg


UARMS has conquered Hoverla, the highest peak in Ukraine!

In this, we were helped by our TREK sports helmet and TREVIX tactical glasses, which once again confirmed the reliability, functionality, convenience and comfort of use


Congratulations to our partner - the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - on their professional holiday!

We were especially proud to present our innovations during the celebrations of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a professional holiday of one of our key partners.
Our team is proud of such long cooperation and is optimistic about the future.



Our helmets are tested in the USA for the first time!

One of the world's most famous ballistic laboratories, Chesapeake Testing (Belcamp, Maryland, USA), has confirmed that our helmets comply with NATO standard NIJ 0101.06, level IIIA.

This means that our products open the way to world markets.
We very much hope that in the near future, both our company and Ukraine will be talked about as a powerful player in the global market of personal protective equipment.



In early June, large-scale military exercises were held with the participation of units of the National Guard and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Two-day large-scale military exercises with the participation of units of the National Guard and the Armed Forces of Ukraine ended at the Urzuf military training ground near Mariupol.
Once again, our TOR and TOR-D helmets have provided the boys with a reliable and comfortable stay in conditions close to a real war.

"The results have been achieved at the highest professional level. Interaction to date is the best for the entire period of involvement of units of the National Guard, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations for the fire of the enemy, the use of aircraft, artillery, air defence. The task is completed. The enemy has been destroyed, "said Major General Viktor Hanushchak.

Exc.3 - копия.jpg
Exc.2 - копия.jpg


We presented the largest number of premieres at this year's "Arms and Security 2019"

UaRms confirms the status of the most innovative Ukrainian manufacturer of personal protective equipment.


Our premieres at this year's show were: TREVIX tactical ballistic glasses, police shock-proof anti-riot helmet in two modifications, universal face protection (visor) which fixes on NVG mount, BLOK-F full-size ballistic shield and a helmet made of ultra-high molecular polyethene (UHMWPE) with V50 > 900 m/s.



Exhibition season has begun and we started in Poland at MSPO 2019

We are very pleased that our products were interested in potential customers and professionals from all over the world at the largest in Eastern Europe exhibition, which dedicated to the latest developments in the field of weapons, defense and personal protective equipment.

We would like to express our thanks to our partner partner from Lithuania LTactic for its help in organizing and participating in this big event!



Military and visitors of Falcon Wings 2019 in Lithuania were very interested in TOR, TOR-D, TREK helmets and TREVIX goggles!

Recently, there was a great opportunity together with our Lithuanian partner LTactic ( to present UaRms products at a big event dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Lithuanian Air Force, which took place on a wonderful summer weekend in the city of  Šiauliai.



UaRms presented its products to members of the Kyiv

 Attaché Association

Last week, our company presented its products to members of the Kiev Military Attaché Association within the framework of the League of Defense Enterprises of Ukraine, which brings together leading domestic private defense companies.

Today, we can state that private companies carry out at least half of all orders for the supply of upgraded or new products (weapons and military equipment) to the Armed Forces and other security forces.



Our tactical goggles-mask TREVIX goes to Antarctic to "Academic Vernadskiy" science station

Recently, the ceremonies of another Ukrainian expedition to Antarctica for long-term work at the station "Academician Vernadsky" took place.

For the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, all equipment for scientists and technicians is manufactured by domestic enterprises.

Our tactical goggles-mask TREVIX is among them.

It will reliably protect members of the expedition from harsh climatic conditions, hard ultraviolet and will help to significantly increase the contrast during poor visibility.



UaRms presented its products at the largest international profile exhibition IWA Outdoor Classics 2019 (Nuremberg, Germany)

For the first time this year our company introduced its products at one of the world's largest profile exhibitions, IWA 2019, which took place in the first half of March in Nuremberg, Germany.


We met the great interest in our company from visitors all over the world, who gave us the highest evaluation of the quality of our products.


It gives us confidence that we are on the right way.


Our manufacture has been certified for

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems.

Gradual European integration for Ukrainian enterprises means not only new prospects, but also strict requirements for business.


Getting the ISO 9001 certificate today is another recognition of our company and its commitment to the fundamental principles of doing business, such as systematic approach to management, customer orientation, continuous improvement of processes and products, etc.

ISO 9001_2015.jpg


The United Nations Mission in Ukraine uses our TOR helmets

The United Nations in Ukraine works with the Government and people of Ukraine to build a culture of dignity, due to understanding and respect for human rights, to ensure peace and transformation in Ukraine.

The overall goal of our joint efforts is to maintain peace, prosperity and security.



Our products at this year's exhibition "Arms and Security 2018" have attracted a great deal of interest among visitors.

Particularly we noted the fact that the number of foreign visitors this year was a record.
During the exhibition our booth was visited by official delegations and representatives of commercial companies from Germany, Italy, the Balkan and Baltic countries, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and others.



The Ukrainian Armed Forces have been

testing bulletproof helmets of various manufacturers, including our TOR and TOR-D helmets

Two years ago our company independently conducted a series of tests  of ballistic TOR and TOR-D helmets to conform to NATO standards.


We did this at our discretion, because Ukrainian standards have not changed since Soviet times, and we have sought to create a high-quality product as soon as possible to protect Ukrainian soldiers.

Today, finally, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has come to the development of modern domestic standards, which ballistic helmets should correspond to. We hope the conclusions based on the results of these trials will be done fairly and impartially and our army will finally receive a new helmet, and it will be exactly what needed.

Image56 - копия.jpg


UaRms has started mass production of an upgraded version of the front mount for night vision devices.

In addition to the updated design, the main difference of this model is an aluminum insert with rubber pads, which helps to firmly fix the bracket for NVG, eliminates its vibration and overwhelms unnecessary sounds.


We are proud to introduce our new product: ultralight helmet for sports TREK

Material of the helmet shell (100% carbon) improves its resistant to extreme environmental influences.

Design of the shell with special holes, retention and shock-absorbing system contributes to a head passive ventilation.
Compatible with masks and googles, active headphones, various radio headsets, flashlights etc.

TREK helmet can be used for training purposes, including excercises on water. 


From now our TOR and TOR-D helmets meet the 2nd class of protection

We have another achievement: the TOR and TOR-D helmets correspond to the 2nd class of protection, holding a bullet 7.62mm TT gun at a distance of 5m at a speed of 436 m/s.

This result was confirmed by the Test Protocol No. 20.229 dated 01 January 2017, which was conducted at the Laboratory of Certification of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.


For the helmet TOR-D we have developed and tested (Protocol No. 20.232 from 13.12.2017) a special lfront-up aramid plate, which rises the class of protection to the 2nd.


UaRms has presented a record number of new products at the "Arms and Security 2017" exhibition

For the third time UaRms takes part in the largest annual international exhibition "Arms and Security", which takes place in Kiev.

This year, we presented the largest number of new developments in comparison with previous years: the TOR-BT tank helmet; helmet

TOR-D with an additional ballistic overlay, which increases the protection level to 2A class; a new generation KRONA-3D the liner kit; an updated DISK-2 retention system; a side ballistic protection "Block" (2 models: BSP-F and BSP-V) and an ultralight shockproof polyamide-polyurethane helmet.

These novelties aroused great interest not only among domestic consumers and specialists, but also at many foreign visitors of the exhibition.


Ballistic masks Trevix produced by UaRms entered the Ukrainian Army!

The Ukrainian Army has adopted our ballistic masks Trevix!
The first ten thousand pieces were recently transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Thanks to the Military Television of Ukraine and the program "PRO Military" for coverage of this event and the story of the creation, testing and high quality of ballistic masks Trevix!


UaRms company has begun production of ballistic plates for additional protection of the head and neck

Please, meet our another novelty: Ballistic side protection "BLOCK" (BSP BLOCK) for the helmet TOP-D.

Its purpose: increasing the area of ​​protection for ballistic helmets with high pruning, provides additional protection for the user of the helmet of the ear area from injuries and injuries caused by the destruction of shells, mines, hand grenades and bladed weapons.

The design of the BSP provides convenience and reliability of its installation on the helmet, ease of operation with the helmet.

It is made in two modifications:
Volumetric (BSP-V), which allows the use of a radio headset;
Flat (BSP-F), which does not allow the use of a radio headset.


Lenses for the tactical mask Trevix were successfully tested in the ballistic laboratory in Germany

All three lenses (transparent, yellow and dark) successfully passed ballistic tests in the German laboratory Beschussamt Mellrichstadt (Melrichstadt).

The purpose of the tests is to confirm the ballistic protection of glass according to V50 indicator in accordance with the STANAG 2920 - NATO standard.

With a minimum required level of 250 m/s, our lenses received the V50 indicator from 265.5 m/s to 280.2 m/s.

It should also be noted that all lenses that were tested were with a special antifog layer.


Assistant General Secretary of NATO Sorin Ducaru visited UaRms Production Complex.

At the beginning of July 2017, experts from NATO and Ukraine gathered in Kiev to discuss current and future cooperation in the area of new security challenges and the latest technologies in the field of security.
Within the framework of this event, Assistant General Secretary of NATO Sorin Ducaru, who is also one of the leaders of the NATO program "Science for Peace and Security" (SPS), visited the production complex of UaRms company.


Mr. Ducaru highly appreciated the quality of Ukrainian products, in particular ballistic helmets TOR and TOR-D, and stressed that today it is the use of modern technologies and the latest scientific developments that allow us to create products that meet all world-wide standards.


UaRms company has been presented at the prestigious exhibition "IDFE 2017" in Istanbul (Turkey) for the first time.

From the first day of the exposition, we noticed the great interest of visitors to our ballistic helmets and other products manufactured by UaRms.

The importance of the exhibition in Istanbul is evidenced by the fact that this event does not bypass the attention of the first persons of many states of the world. The official opening ceremony was attended by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov.

In particular, he noted: "Now a new quality is demonstrated in the Ukrainian exposition for the first time... New developments and products of state and non-state enterprises are presented, we will support and actively develop them."


Helmets TOR and TOR-D have been tested in the Polish ballistic laboratory.

Once again, during tests in European laboratories, ballistic helmets TOR and TOR-D get excellent results!

This spring the Polish ballistic laboratory of the Institute of Security Technologies "MORATEX" from the city of Lodz confirmed the high level of our helmets for one of the most important V50 indicators of the NATO standard STANAG 2920.

This time V50 = 695.2 and 698.8 m / s,  respectively.


The serial production of the Trevix ballistic mask has begun

After successful tests in German laboratories, we began the serial production of the updated tactical ballistic mask Trevix.

Its prototypes demonstrated reliability and critical endurance during the tests.


The mask was developed specifically for the units of the armed forces and special forces. It will provide

reliable protection of the eyes from debris, splinters, dust, dirt and unfavorable weather conditions.


Another new product from UaRms company: retention system DISK for ballistic helmets TOR and TOR-D

Our new product  - adjusting system DISK - brings the process of individual adjustment of helmets to a whole new level of quality, convenience and comfort.

From now you can make a micro-size adjustment and fixing a helmet on the head with one hand only and you can do it almost instantly.

The advanced materials provide a long life of the DISK system in different weather and climatic conditions.


UaRms company participated in the largest Ukrainian international specialized exhibition "Arms and Security"

This is the second time this year that UaRms company has presented its products at the largest annual international exhibition "Arms and Security", which has just ended in Kiev.


Our new products -- ballistic helmet ТOR-D High Cut,  shock absorbing systems of the new generation "Krona" and "Krona-2", retention system "Disk" and ultra-light multifunctional tactical carbon helmet -- have attracted attention of not only domestic consumers and experts in the defense industry, but also many foreign guests of the exhibition.


UaRms company heartily congratulates all the defenders of Ukraine with a holiday!

Defender of Ukraine Day is a holiday in honor of national heroes who defend their country every day, and of those who sacrificed themselves for it.

It is a day for congratulating those strong, brave and courageous men.

Historically on this day people recollect and pay tribute to Cossack courage. Specifically on October 14 a new ataman was being chosen at the Sich, and the feast of Cossack courage and bravery was being organized.

We wish all the defenders of our Fatherland prosperity and strength, health and happiness, peace and delicious bread!


UaRms company released a new shock-absorbing system Krona.

Newly developed absorbing system Krona brings head protection to a whole new level.

The pads of Krona system use two layers of foam: one layer is energy-absorbing (so-called ‘with memory’), the other one plays the role of a soft absorber.

Due to the modular system and two sets of pads of a special form (soft and hard),  functional characteristics are greatly improved, namely: adaptation for individual head shapes, reliable fixation and comfort.

Such design protects from shocks perfectly, also the systems’ ergonomics and way of location creates additional conveniences to accommodate active headphones and to improve conditions for the head’s passive ventilation.


25 years of Independence of Ukraine! Congratulations!

In this special day a military parade in the center of Kiev was held. It was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine.

Around 4 thousand servicemen participated in the parade, including marines, airborne troops, special operations forces, also soldiers of the National guard and other troops.


We are especially pleased that today Ukrainian Army is becoming more equipped with not only modern military vehicles, but also with new high-quality outfit and equipment for personal protection of Ukrainian origin, such as TOR and TOR-D helmets.


Ballistic helmets TOR-D  successfully passed testing during a series of parachute jumps

State Scientific testing center of Ukrainian Armed forces, based on the air brigade and military polygon of Commanders of high-mobility airborne troops in Zhytomyr region, held a departmental tests of prototypes of ballistic helmets TOR-D in a set with special covers for the landing and with parachute systems AD-95 and AZ-95 of Dedal system.


The main purpose of testing was verification and compliance confirmation of the military and performance characteristics of the helmets to parameters declared by the manufacturer.


Airborne ballistic helmets TOR-D  passed testings during ground exercises on the training range of AFU (armed forces of Ukraine)  in Zhytomyr region

Besides validating quality of its helmets with ballistic testings in special laboratories, Uarms company constantly tests its products in conditions close to reality.  This allows not only to promptly address the faults discovered during such testing, but also provides an opportunity to obtain information which helps to improve the product regularly in future.


Ground exercises of AFU airborne unit in Zhytomyr region have taken place this week, during which our ballistic helmets TOR-D have been tested.


Upgraded models of helmets TOR and TOR-D  were introduced to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Minister of defense of Ukraine, General of the army Stepan Poltorak

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, accompanied by the Minister of defence of Ukraine, army General Stepan Poltorak visited military post in Divychky village in Kiev region, where, along with the products of the leading domestic enterprises of military-industrial complex of Ukraine, Uarms company presented its latest developments –  advanced ballistic helmets TOR and TOR-D.

"The government has allocated significant funds to supply national troops with necessary weapons and military equipment. We will do everything possible to use these funds as efficiently as possible",- said Petro Poroshenko during the event.


Uarms company started manufacturing an advanced Suspension system (helmet liner system) with a set of damper pads

Modern helmet liner system must meet several basic requirements, including durability, convenience, ease of adjustment, humidity resistance and hypoallergenicity of material that touches the face.  Our new product meets all these requirements precisely.


In addition, design of the suspension and damping system facilitates the passive ventilation of the head.

Set of 12 removable damper pads allows to determine the most comfortable position while wearing a helmet, based on the individual characteristics of the head shape.


Management of Uarms company together with Ukrainian Ministry of Defense develops requirements specification for a ballistic helmet

Management of Uarms company together with representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine took part in the round table, where they discussed and determined key components for development and composition of requirements specification for creation of domestic ballistic helmet, that would meet all modern military requirements including NATO standards.


We would remind you, that Requirements specification is a legal document that determines the primary purpose, quality indexes, cost-performance and special characteristics, volumes, stages and product composition. Consequently, it is an initial document for the article creation and testing.


Uarms company presented two versions of the ballistic helmet TOR–D for the National police of Ukraine.

Today, right after the ceremony of presenting certificates about completion of the special international program to the members of the GUNP special police battalion in Kyiv (GUNP is abbr. for: Division of Prevention Activities of the Main department of the National police of Ukraine), in which the Chief of the National police of Ukraine Khatia Dekanoidze, the Head of the European Union representatives in Ukraine Jan Tombinski, the Commander of the civilian EU operations Kenneth Dean and newly appointed Head of the Advisory mission of the EU in Ukraine Kyastutis Lanchinskas took part, the company UaRms presented two versions of its ballistic TOR helmet, which was specially developed for divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and for combatants of special forces detachments. Leaders of the National police of Ukraine expressed serious interest in the products of the Ukrainian manufacturer.


Uarms company has launched production of ballistic helmet ТОR in Coyote Brown color

Coyote Brown is the basis color for the equipment and outfit in a number of armies and military divisions, in particular in the US Naval forces.


This color has been used for colouring some serial models of small-arms (sniper and assault rifles) lately. Being natural (color of earth, natural dirt, underbrush, tree trunks), Coyote Brown is good as a base color for additional camouflage under certain locale.


It goes well together with many modern colors: Multicam, A-Tacs, Varan (new camouflage color for the Ukrainian Armed Forces) etc.


Ballistic helmet ТОR in Coyote Brown color
Ballistic helmet ТОR in Coyote Brown color
Ballistic helmet ТОR in Coyote Brown color


Our company has begun the mass production of multifunction Uarms clip

This multifunction clip is suitable for both military and sport-tourist equipment. It is intended for the improvement of functionality and comfort of individual equipment, namely: for the comfortable fixing of backpacks straps, unloading systems, tubes of hydraulic system, headset wires of the radio stations that hang loosely.


Also Uarms clip is used for the reliable fixing of tactical plaits and tourniquets, pocket lanterns, signal light rockets, chemical sources of light, sunglasses, on the equipment.


A few color options available.


UaRms company has developed a new modification of the helmet TOR - helmet TOR High Cut

Lite version of the helmet TOR is designed for the soldiers of airborne forces and special divisions. Improved form of helmet with special side cutouts provides additional facilities for active headphones and radio headset .


Helmet TOR (High Cut) can also be equipped with a special mounting for more convenient location of tactical ballistic glasses and masks, cameras, beacons and lanterns, gas mask and respirator.


Helmet TOR High Cut
Helmet TOR High Cut


Ballistic Helmet TOR received a Certificate of conformity in accordance with the State certification system UkrSEPRO

On 09/10/2015 ballistic helmet TOR received a CERTIFICATE of COMPLIANCE issued by the State research Institute of Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, on the basis of test report No. 20.182 from 09.10.2015 and in accordance with the State certification system UkrSEPRO.

On the basis of this certificate, ballistic helmet TOR complies with the requirements: sections 5.14, 5.17, 5.18 and 5.19 of GSTU (industrial standard of Ukraine) 78-41-004-97, referred to as “Helmets for bullets protection. General specifications (class of protection 1 - 1A).”


Helmet TOR successfully passed ballistic tests at the state research Institute of Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs


On 30/09/2015 ballistic helmet TOR passed the ballistic tests in the testing Department of the State research Institute of Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs on the confirmation of protection class according to State Standard of Ukraine DSTU 78-41-004-97.

Tests were carried out with two types of weapons: - Makarov PM gun with 9 mm cartridge and PST (57-H-181c) bullet; - Submachine gun with 9 mm Luger cartridge and FMG RN bullet. According to tests results it was found that Helmet TOR complied with requirements of protection class 1-1A.


Helmet TOR was successfully presented at the international exhibition Arms and Security - 2015

International specialized exhibition "Arms and Security" has been conducting since 2004, but the current exhibition (22-26.09.2015) has become the largest event of such orientation in the history of Ukraine by the number of participants, important international agreements, samples of equipment and innovations presented, as well as by representative level and popularity among the public.


The more pleasant to note that ballistic helmet TOR and protective tactical Mask KM-1 TM, created by Ukrainian company UaRms, that is part of the Ukrainian Agency of advanced scientific and technical developments UA.Rpa, have caused great interest from both Ukrainian and international experts, which acknowledged the high level of quality and compliance of the helmet and mask with international standards of protection.


Helmet TOR has successfully passed tests in Germany in accordance with NATO STANAG 2920


On 30/07/2015 ballistic helmet TOR has been tested in a German ballistic laboratory Beschussamt Mellrichstand for the class definition of protection from splinters in accordance with NATO standard STANAG 2920.

When fired upon by fragment simulator FSP weighing 1,102 gram (17 grain), Helmet TOR showed the level of V50 (minimum fragmentation velocity V50 m/s) = 688,1 m/s (the ability to resist destruction with 50% probability), which corresponds to the maximum level of protection F6 (STANAG 2920 Protection Levels), on the basis of which the indicator V50 should not be less than 650 m/s.


The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko examined the exhibition of defensive innovations of the Ukrainian enterprises.


The President visited the exhibition of innovative developments of dual-use products from high-tech network cluster companies. Head of State appreciated scientific and production achievements that can save hundreds of lives of our defenders.


One of exhibits was the ballistic helmet TOR just produced by our company, whose high characteristics next to other models, according to President "...Give ground for optimism. We do all possible, to put all of this into mass production..."


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