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Bulletproof helmet ТОR-D High Cut


TOR-D is the light version of ballistic helmet TOR. Helmet form with special side cutouts provides additional facilities for using active headphones and radio headset. 


It is intended for individual protection of the soldiers of airborne forces and special divisions from traumas and wounds, and for

installing special equipment.
Provides the head protection 

falling or hitting, under the impact of an

explosive wave, small fragments and ricochets, under a hit of pistol bullets and other small-arms bullets spent.

The shape of the helmet with special side cutouts provides additional facilities for using active headphones and radio headset.


TOR_разм.сетка 2.jpg


  • Class 1 according to ISTU (Industry standards of Ukraine) 8835:2019

  • NIJ STD 0106.01 Level IIIA

  • NATO STANAG 2920 standard is at level                       V50 > 670 m/s (FSP=1,102 g)


Other characteristics:

  • Material of the helmet armor shell (aramid fiber) ensures the product operation for all climate conditions considering the influence of precipitation. 

  • There are waterproof and fire-resistant layers on the outer side of the helmet shell (under the paint).

  • There is anti-glare coating above the paint on the outer side of the helmet shell.

  • Design of the retention and shock-absorbing system contributes to a head passive ventilation. 

  • Compatible with ballistic masks, tactical and correcting glasses, night vision gears, active headphones, various radio headsets, gas mask and respirators. 

  • Helmet sizes are tuned by adjusting the retention system and the internal location of damper pads. 


Basic equipment set:

  • helmet armor shell;

  • NVG mount (type 1, standard);

  • DISK 4-point retention system;

  • KRONA liner kit with damper pads set (amortization system);

  • side railings (set of 2 pcs) to attach communication devices, tactical lights, etc.

  • product list.

Available in the next colors (the color of the helmet shell): 

Basic Colors.jpg

 Coyote Tan Coyote Brown Foliage Green  OD Green         Black

The basic color is Coyote Tan.

Other colors are available by additional agreement with the customer


At the request of the customer a helmet can be equipped with additional accessories:


  • Velcro elements on the shell;

  • textile camouflage cover;

  • airborne cover:

  • textile transportation bag;

  • advanced NVG mount (type 2, with                  aluminium insert and rubber pads)

Made in Ukraine

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