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  • Fire-resistant;

  • Protects against optical radiation, including ultraviolet radiation;

  • No deformation after exposure for 72 hours at -51 °C to + 50 °C;

  • Each lens has an anti-fog and anti-scratch layer;

  • No optical aberrations.

Tactical glasses TREVIX


Intended to protect eyes from fragments, wreckages, dust, dirt, weather phenomena


Meets STANAG 4296 requirements.
2.3 mm thick polycarbonate lenses provide protection against ballistic and mechanical fragments with a typical mass of 325 mg and a velocity (215 + 5) m/s, with an epicentre of an explosion at a distance of 30 m.

A damaging fragment is modelled by A3/6723/6 imitator due to STANAG 2920. Withstand the impact of 22 mm diameter steel ball with 43 g  weight, at a speed of 5.1 m/s. Resistant to the impact of 6 mm diameter steel ball with 0.86 g weight, at a speed of 120 + 30 m/s.


Additional options:

  • diopter frame

  • green spectrum anti-laser lens

The total weight (without case and accessories): 42 g.

List of equipment:

•  Length adjustable frame 
•  Set of polycarbonate lenses (3 pcs.): clear, grey, orange
•  Elastic retaining strap;
•  Textile bags for storage and care of lenses - 2 pcs;
•  Hard case for storage and transportation - 1 pc;
•  Manual;
•  Diopter frame (additional option) 
•  Green spectrum anti-laser lens (additional option)


Made in Ukraine

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