Tactical glasses TREVIX


  • Fire-resistant;

  • Protects against optical radiation, including ultraviolet radiation;

  • No deformation after exposure for 72 hours at -51 °C to + 50 °C;

  • Each lens has an anti-fog and anti-scratch layer;

  • No optical aberrations.


Intended to protect eyes from fragments, wreckages, dust, dirt, weather phenomena


Meets STANAG 4296 requirements.
2.3 mm thick polycarbonate lenses provide protection against ballistic and mechanical fragments with a typical mass of 325 mg and a velocity (215 + 5) m/s, with an epicentre of an explosion at a distance of 30 m.

A damaging fragment is modelled by A3/6723/6 imitator due to STANAG 2920. Withstand the impact of 22 mm diameter steel ball with 43 g  weight, at a speed of 5.1 m/s. Resistant to the impact of 6 mm diameter steel ball with 0.86 g weight, at a speed of 120 + 30 m/s.

Additional options:

  • diopter frame

  • green spectrum anti-laser lens

The total weight (without case and accessories): 42 g.

List of equipment:

•  Length adjustable frame 
•  Set of polycarbonate lenses (3 pcs.): clear, grey, orange
•  Elastic retaining strap;
•  Textile bags for storage and care of lenses - 2 pcs;
•  Hard case for storage and transportation - 1 pc;
•  Manual;
•  Diopter frame (additional option) 
•  Green spectrum anti-laser lens (additional option)

Made in Ukraine

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